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Get your own training paid for: how to apply for funding from the FIFPL!

(Scroll down to see the video where I go through the process step-by-step.)

Did you know that if you are an autoentrepreneur and you're registered as a formateur or other kind of profession libérale, you have a training fund with the fifpl?

What's the difference between the FIFPL and the CPF?

You will also have a CPF budget, but the fifpl is a separate fund. You receive money into your CPF every year, which cumulates if you don't use it. The fifpl fund is use-it-or-lose-it: you need to use your budget during the year or else it's gone, there is no cumulation. CPF is limited to training which has some kind of certification at the end, whereas the Fifpl allows you to do other training related to your business.

This is why I suggest that people look at using their fifpl funding first before going to their CPF account. You can use your Fifpl account to do any of my courses.

How do I know if I'm eligible to receive FIFPL funding?

You need to have been in business for more than one year and then (at the time of writing!) you can get up to 750€ per year for regular training and up to 2500€ if you're going to do a long training. To find out if you pay into the fifpl, go to the Urssaf site where you do your declarations, click on attestations and request the "Attestation de contribution formation professionnelle". This paper will show you how much you have paid in cotisations for training (don't worry, even if you only paid 5€ in training cotisations, you can still get the full amount paid for your training) and who you paid them to. For AE formateurs, it should say "FIFPL".

How to apply for FIFPL funding, step by step:

Would you like to get the FIFPL to fund a course on how to get more students, whether they are individuals or companies, and how to market yourself? I'll be opening my new course very soon. If you're interested, sign up here and I'll tell you when it opens!

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