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Free resources for teachers in France

Helping you understand the French training system!


The French training system explained

What exactly is the CPF? What is an OPCO? And have you ever even heard of a FAF?

The French training system is amazing for teachers: suddenly your clients don't need to pay out of their own pocket. Negotiating over 20€ per hour can be a thing of the past!

This free guide tells you about the French training system, the steps you need to take to get into it and the advantages and disadavantages. 


Qualiopi indicators in real English!

Have you looked at the Qualiopi indicators? Even if you're 100% fluent in French, they are not easy to decipher. 

Download a free spreadsheet with each indicator explained in plain English: it's what I used to start my Qualiopi preparations. 

Don't hesitate to reach out!

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