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Can you do Qualiopi if you don't have any clients (yet)?

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You don't have any of your own clients yet, or you've never had a CPF or an OPCO client before. Can you still do Qualiopi?

The answer is yes!


Do you want to get a free spreadsheet with all the Qualiopi indicators in plain English?


The audit is looking at your processes, which you can put in place even without any clients. You will be showing the auditor what you plan to do with your future clients.

The main difference will be that while someone with existing clients can introduce their Qualiopi systems and processes into their business right away and get some evidence of the systems in action, someone with no clients yet will be showing "empty" processes.

If you don't have clients now, setting everything up will be a little harder as you don't have the visibility that someone who has already been in business for a few years has, but on the other hand, you'll be starting your business with beautiful systems and a clean slate. I sometimes felt like I was trying to untangle a big ball of string when I was redoing and rethinking all of my processes. (I should say "processes" as my back office was a real mess before!)

Doing Qualiopi at this stage means that you will have everything in place for your business to grow and to scale. It will be much easier for you to take on an admin assistant or other teachers in the future.

I suggest sitting down and thinking about how you would like your business to run. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • How will I evaluate a new prospect's needs and get them through the sales and proposal process (without spending too much of my unpaid time)?

  • How will I onboard new clients?

  • Which CPF certifications will I use?

  • How will I define and adapt objectives?

  • How will I measure objectives?

  • How will I collect client feedback?

  • How will I share materials and what materials will I share?

  • Will I want to expand and work with other teachers in the future?

All of these questions will help you define your customer journey, going from new prospect to alumni, which you can then break down into a series of processes. And that's more or less your Qualiopi!

(Ok, it's not quite that easy, but going through this process will not only help you with your Qualiopi but also with your business.)

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