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Kickstart your teaching business in France 

A 6-week bootcamp to transform your business!

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This is my signature business course for teachers in France. We cover everything you need to get your own business off the ground, or to take it to the next level:

Every week for 6 weeks, you'll receive a new module that you work on at your pace. At the end of each week we have a group coaching call to answer your questions, set goals and guide you to the next step. 

In this course we cover:

  • Goal-setting

  • Finding your niche and your USP

  • The French training system

  • Business models

  • Pricing

  • Finding new corporate and individual clients

  • Marketing

  • Systems & tools

Please note that you can no longer use your CPF for this course, but you can request funding from your fonds de formation (fifpl or agefice.)

Course price 397 euros.

Only 337 € if you sign up before May 25th!

See a preview of the course, and more information in the free course preview - just click on the course preview button below. 

Kickstart your teaching business in France: Services

Rave Reviews

I've wanted to become self-employed for a long time but the complexity of French administration put me off. Having completed this course I understand the French training system much better, I know the steps I need to complete & feel reassured that it can be done. Catherine & the other participants were friendly & open and our coaching calls were informative & fun. I highly recommend the course!his is your Testimonial quote. It’s a great place to share reviews about you, your personal qualities and your services. Add client details for extra credibility and get your site visitors excited from day one!

Pauline McMordie

I am fairly new to life and teaching in France. This course has pushed me in the right direction and has really helped me to understand how the training system works. The exercises and videos are full of information and stimulating questions designed to help you realise that the problems or fears of starting your own teaching venture are not as big as they may seem. It helps that Catherine has actually lived this experience, which proves that a thriving teaching business in France is possible with a bit of hard work and self-belief!


I have been teaching as a university vacataire but finding it frustrating (late payment, little support, hourly rate too low once lesson prep and exam marking are taken into consideration). I decided I could take better control of my working life and earn more by targeting corporate clients and this was just the course I needed to talk me through the French system and decide how best to proceed. I feel much clearer now on how the system works and convinced that I have a feasible business model going forward. I also know the steps I need to take to make it happen. Thank you so much Catherine for being so generous with sharing your knowledge and providing clear information in a digestible way.

Louise Sayers

I was at the very beginning of starting up my business and had no idea where to start from. So when I saw that there was a course that not only gives you tools for setting it up but also how to grow it, I immediately signed up. It definitely gave me the right information, the right mindset and the necessary confidence to embark on this adventure. So, I am very grateful to Catherine and the rest of the girls in the group.

Natasa Marinkov

Kickstart your teaching business in France: Testimonials
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