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CPF service

The convenience of CPF training without the hassle of Qualiopi!

Do you have your own clients who want to do CPF training with you?
Would you like to be able to offer CPF training without jumping through all the Qualiopi hoops?
We offer a CPF service so that your clients don't need to pay out of their own pocket: higher rates for you and a happy client!

CPF service: Services

How does it work?

You find the clients, we do the admin

You bring your own clients who want to do CPF training with you. We set up the training in the CPF back office with the required number of hours and price. We will arrange the end of course certification and will provide a "certificat de réalisation."

You decide the price you want to be paid

We take a 25% commission, so you can set your own price and add 25% or we can discuss the price your client is willing to pay out of their CPF budget and how much you will get.

We sign a contract

For each training, we sign a sub-contracting contract to protect both you and your client relationships, and us. You will also need to sign a "charte de qualité". Your training needs to adhere to certain standards so that we can maintain our high level of quality.

When do I get paid?

As you will not be working in the same way as other sub-contractors, you will get paid when we receive payment from the CPF (caisse des consignes.) This will be 25% about a month after the beginning fo the training and the rest about a month after the end.

What kind of training can I offer?

You can offer English language with a Toeic certification at the end. We will add the test price onto the training. We can also offer an e-learning platform that you and your student can use for the duration of the training.

CPF service: FAQ
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